Castle Story Strengthens The Sandbox Genre

Castle Story brings the spotlight back to sandbox gaming and now more then ever, open world building is showing to be a promising genre for casual and hardcore gamers alike. With minimalist graphics and a very little story direction, this game delivers. Created by Sauropod Studio, Designers, François Alain and Germain Couët understand the core reasons why people play games and deliver a concept that fits their needs.


Using the Unity Physics Engine, you are set on a randomly generated floating Voxel island where you use a Bricktron to explore, gather resources, and build your castle. With your built castle and armored bricktrons, you can defend yourself against monsters who will try to destroy your creation. A game concept so simple yet exciting enough for Mashable to take notice of the buzz on social media networks, including Reddit.


When I play a game for the first time I always hope to find myself in a world where I can be challenged with engaging work. Where I quench my desire to explore and possibly discover something new. A world that evokes creativity. I look at Castle Story and believe this game will fulfill my core needs while being fun and overall a memorable experience. On a side note you have to wonder if large game publishers are raging for taking the Hollywood approach to game creation. If the industry was not filled with cowardly designers unwilling to take risks, perhaps we would have more original games like Castle Story.

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